Word Counter

Count the number of words in a text with our free online words counter tool


About Word Counter Tool

Our free word counter tool is an amazing and useful piece of tool for counting the exact number of words in a text. It is also capable of counting and displaying the total number of characters (with spaces), sentences, and paragraphs.

To use this tool, simply copy an entire text from an article, document, or anywhere else and then paste it into the textbox above. Alternatively, you can type into the textbox. The total words count and all other statistics will be displayed to you right away in realtime. Moreover, the editor will update in realtime as you add, edit, or delete text as you type.

This tool comes in handy if you're writing an essay, report, research paper, or any other document where you have to keep track of the total words count to ensure that it is within the required limited or reaches a specific requirement.